#nationalcomingoutday Welcome to all our cliche stories!This is what I looked like when I came out. It’s funny, because I know that sexual orientation does NOT define you. With that said, it has had its challenges. It was not the world that was a cruel to me about it as other gay guys. I came out before it was “cool” & most ppl handled it just fine or embraced it. In some ways I’m glad my life was different & non-conventional. Playing for the other team has gotten me awesome jobs like #screengems #promotion #fashion #publicrelations & the caring side of #medical #nursing & #psychology ... bc this world is so competitive I had to take care of myself and that has given me a whole lifetime of experience in just 30 years. What’s odd about me is I have had soulmates with females. So sexuality, genderism, & roles are not black and white. Although titles do not define me or anyone else- I am #proud to be who I am. Unfaithfully Yours, Charles LaRocca. #pride 🌈 #instagay these posts will probably be used one day to target us for #eugenics #gayguy #stillaguy #man #comeout #beyourself