Follow this amazing page @justageneralsurgeon . . Staple removal tutorial. Staples are often used to close the last layer of an incision. They’re quick and easy to place, and painless to remove if done properly. . 1. One of the main tenets of surgery is maintaining proper tension. When cutting tissue, there needs to be some tension. Same thing goes for this simple procedure of staple removal. My left hand pulls down on the skin to put tension on the incision, which opens it up and makes it easier for me to get my instrument in proper position. 2. The staple remover instrument has two prongs on the bottom and one on the top. Make sure the two prongs are perpendicular to the staple before closing. Otherwise the staple will get all messed up and you can actually drive the staple into the incision. 3. By closing the jaws of the staple remover, the two ends of the staple lift up. Gently rock the staple from one side to the other and remove. Don’t just pull up or try to rip out the staple. No one will like you. This procedure is so simple yet so many people can’t do it correctly.