Another day, another lecture. I’m post call so I’m a bit sleepy, but work today wasn’t too hectic so I decided to review esophagogastric cancer management today. Alarm is set for TWO hours of studying. I have 18 months to master ALL of oncology/hematology before I graduate training and become *The Boss* (gasp👩🏻‍⚕️😱). I’ve heard many practicing oncologists say the 1-2 years out of fellowship in the real world as said Boss are the hardest year(s) among our 14ish years of training (how?! So many years until now have been really hard too! 😂). I’m determined to work hard now (before kids, marriage) to reap the benefits later. I’ll show you how I’m using my @erincondren deluxe monthly planner as a study tracker once I have a solid month under my belt. Happy Saturday. Work hard, it’s so worth it! #erincondren #ecdeluxemonthlyplanner #womeninmedicine