I’ve got some pretty exciting news guys, does anyone here use TripAdvisor? Have you noticed anything different about the platform lately? The reason that I ask is because TripAdvisor is offering a new experience that includes connecting with other travellers through a personalised travel feed, sharing content (photos, videos, articles) and compiling “trips”. I’m mainly excited because I can share so much more with people, including full trip itineraries, and I can draw inspiration from other travellers too. I’ve been posting up a storm over there and have just uploaded a series of my six favourite natural phenomenon photos I’ve ever taken; with settings, field notes and geotags! Believe it or not this image was not number one! 😱 I’ve got the link in my bio for you to check out my all-new TripAdvisor profile. ❤️❤️❤️ @tripadvisor #tripadvisorau . . . . . #collab #seeaustralia #fallscreek #seehighcountry #lightning #⚡️ #visitvictoria #australia