Okay, who caught my last post? (You can’t have missed it, it’s a bright purple lightning shot. ⚡️😂) Have you checked out the new TripAdvisor experience that I mentioned yet? (Link in bio 👉🏻 @laurenepbath ) ARE YOU FOLLOWING ME? Lol. I’ve always used each of my social media platforms differently and I see the new TripAdvisor as a place I can plan ALL my travel. I’m planning on using the “Trips” feature a lot, to share itineraries of my travels, but I’ll still be doing reviews and sharing photos, links and photo series. The link in my bio will take you straight to my TripAdvisor profile and I’ve recently posted a wildlife series of my top 6 wildlife photos of all time. They’ll be up the top of my travel feed. 😍 I’ve always found TripAdvisor such a useful tool for travellers and now it’s been supercharged, you guys will love it! @tripadvisor #tripadvisorau . . . . . #collab #explorecanada #theyukon #canada #arcticfox #whitehorse #wildlifephotography