This is Verona, Italy. Our new home-base for the next few years. 🇮🇹 - I’ve been asked why we moved here: - • The food is amazing! • It’s very affordable • Slow paced lifestyle • Universal health system • High-speed trains • Easy access to the rest of Europe (cheap flights!) • Dolomites are only an hour or two away 🏔 • Family friendly & low crime 👶 • Amazon Prime works! • Fiber internet available • Pet friendly (we can take @poofythefluffycat to restaurants!) • Larger cities like Milan & Venice nearby • Mild climate • Regional airport for Europe, train to Milan for overseas flights • Tons of culture & things to do! So that’s the gist. We had other areas in mind, but this seemed to be the best compromise for us both, and our different tastes. I wanted easy access to big mountains, @anna.everywhere didn’t want to live in a small town. 👍🏼 - Just posted a quick walk-through of our new apartment on IG Stories if you wanna check it out! ✅