Oreo and Reese’s PB cookie dough ice cream sandwiches 🥪🍦🍫 They came out a little lumpier than intended 😂 but they’re the real deal! SWIPE to see the goodies ➡️ Thank you @ediblecookiedough For sending me these flavors to try 🙏🏼 Here’s how to make them: • 1 container each of @ediblecookiedough Oreo and Reese’s PB cookie dough • Ice cream flavor of your choice (I went with vanilla) • Parchment paper • Baking pan Here’s what to do: 1) Put parchment paper on the bottom of the pan 2) Scoop out of of the cookie dough from the first jar. Spread it evenly, about half an inch thick 3) Cover with payment paper and stick in the freezer for 20 mins. Make sure to take out the ice cream so it gets a little soft! 4) Remove from freezer, remove top parchment paper, and spread the ice cream. Cover with parchment paper and put in the freezer until the ice cream has set (20-30 mins) 5) Top with the remaining cookie dough and, ONE MORE TIME, put in the freezer for at least 30 mins for everything to harden. 6) Remove all the parchment paper, cut into ice cream sandwiches and enjoy!! . . . #comfortfoodeats #comfortfood #comfortfoods #cookiedough #ediblecookiedough #oreo #reeses #reesespeanutbuttercups #oreocookies #cookiedoughicecream #icecream #icecreamsandwich #recipe #icecreamsandwiches #westchester #westchestercounty #westchesterny #westchestereats #westchesterfood