What is the most common mistake young photographers make? In my opinion most photographers at a certain point convince themselves they have to shoot ‘everything’ to be successful. This couldn’t be further from the truth... Every talented photographer that I know has become successful because they have learned to specialize in something. In essence they try & become the best at what they do.. Not ‘decent’ at a lot of things. Ultimately you are hired & sought after by clients, magazines etc because you bring something to that table that nobody else does. You never want to be sought out simply because you have a camera & can do the job. When I talk to magazine editors the feeling is the same.... Every time we look through a photographers portfolio who hasn’t found their style they often try to convince themselves & everyone else they can do it all. In the long run it dilutes their best work. These are some of my favorite subjects to discuss in my photography workshops. Tomorrow i’m teaching in SAN DIEGO, then LOS ANGELES on friday. Details in my bio.