One of the most beautiful places I've had the pleasure of spending some time at. Looking out from the sand dunes into the ocean as far as the eye can see, the horizon illuminated like a fire from the sun beginning to set. Ice cold rain sweeping in from the sea, cascading down upon the sand. Feels like you're standing on the edge of the country, the edge of this island we call home, eyes searching the horizon, looking for something. Standing here, it all looks so limitless. You can feel the power of the ocean, It Feels like limitless possibilities. It Feels like life itself, The way it's meant to be, In a place where your reality meets the sublime, at times I wish I could live here, In this very moment, in the world encompassed in that scene, I know that I will stand here again one day & feel the ocean breeze with the ice cold winter rain falling down upon my face, as I stand there again I will ask, was this all real? Or just another lost paradise.

Point Leo Surf Beach