The Silent Arctic Photo Expedition: A Day-by-Day Series. Day 2: Five Bear Day. We woke in Greenland for the first time. This is a surreal experience in itself. You know that feeling, when you wake up somewhere completely strange for the first time? And so, we woke to reports from Donna Wood our sister vessel of a bear (there’s only one kind of bear out here, the Polar Bear), then it was OMG everybody, battle stations! The first bear (a young male) swam between our vessels and then extremely close to us, within 3 meters (PIC 1&2). Then, there was an AVALANCHE off of the glacier closest to us, right into the sea! (PIC 3 and SLOW-MO VID 4) After an extremely exciting morning, it was time for a celebratory beer (PIC 5), @ashwinigupte and @amk_travels getting stuck in here! Then, our incredible guide saw some more bears in the distance, this time it was a mother and two cubs! Our jaws hit the floor, it was too good to be true. We went towards them, but kept our distance, out of respect. (PIC 6) Later in the day we found a sleeping Bear (an adult male, the biggest kind) sleeping on an iceberg about the size of a New York City block. We were going that way anyway, and we watched him wake up, yawn a few time, roll around a bit, ignore us and go back to sleep, but not before we got a good look at his tongue! As we sailed away, you can see the context within which we saw him: ice everywhere! (PIC 7&8) This was probably one of the best days ever. Little did I know, there were to be 6 more! Would you like to join us next year for Silent Arctic 2019? Link in bio! #silentarctic #greenlandpioneer

Scoresby Sound, Ostgronland, Greenland