How our 2019 started🎉🎊🎄 Late to the game, but HAPPY NEW YEAR! 2018 has been nothing I expected it to be, but, as I look back, everything that happened forced me to grow 10x more and 100x faster than I’d ever choose myself. It also made me re-evaluate everything in life and re-align my views and priorities with what I truly believe in, which is a good thing, too. . I have lots of goals and dreams for this year, both, personal and professional. I’m so excited to officially launch two new sections for LN this month (and a bunch more new things throughout the year), and it feels so good to finally take full control of the brand and steer it again in the direction we always felt it needed to go in! . Personally, I’m focusing on a million things too, with health and wholesome wellness ( from physical to emotional to you-name-it) being the top of the list. Stress and intensity of the last year threw me off my balance beam a little, so I’ll be documenting and sharing a lot of things I do to that help me to stay balanced. All of you who’ve been asking to cover this topic for a long time - this is the year!🤗 I’m really excited about all of this. I started to make changes a few month ago, and it feels so, so, so good. Stay tuned! . I want to wish you all the happiest year up to date! Wishing for dreams to come true, for struggles to step away, for wars around the world to end and for all of us to find the peace and happiness we all need in our lives. Happy 2019, guys! It will be a GREAT year! . Do you make goals for the new year or kind of go with the flow? What are some of your resolutions (if the first)? . #newyear #family #familyovereverything #2019 #party

Los Angeles, California