WHAT PEOPLE SAY: I have realised, that no matter what you do, people will talk. More often than not, badly. If you're thin, you're "on a diet", of you're thin and eat well, you're "blessed", if you're thin and eat well and work out, you're "obsessed". If you're thin & eat well & work out & don't give a damn about what people think, you're "crazy and all set for your doom"! LOL! And if you're pregnant, the judgements sometimes go to another level! Apparently everyone knows your body better that you do! What clothes to wear, what shoes to wear, how to talk, what to eat or drink, how to even stay fit, how to deliver a baby! Well, I speak for every woman, especially every pregnant woman. You know yourself the best. You know your body's needs the best. You know your comfort level the best. Don't let ANYONE tell you otherwise! Eat what you feel is right for you, avoid things that make you uncomfortable. Some amount of workout is good for you, but don't do it if it makes you feel uneasy. Decide your own limits. And woman, remember you are BEAUTIFUL! Creating another life is no mean feat! So pat yourself on the back, coz you're already doing more than many! PC: @priyankapereira7 #woman #judgement _________________________________ #pregnant #pregnancy #pregnancyworkout #pregnantmother #pregnantwoman #women #womenempowerment #mothers #mother #perfect #people #peopletalk