This guy treated me to a road trip for my birthday weekend and while we didn’t get to do the astro photography I wanted to do back out at Trona Pinnacles which I first discovered in the Fall of 2017, we did have an utterly magical 20 minutes during sunrise at Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes where the same heavy cloud cover that made it impossible to do night photography, made for a dramatic sunrise with the type of light that was more than worth driving an extra two hours out of the way for. . Like with any time I visit a national park or outdoor area, we left only footprints and we took only photographs. I’m still so saddened at the mess made during the shutdown in some of our parks here in the USA and I’m committed to never being a part of that problem no matter what’s going on with factors I can’t directly control. I can always control my own actions. . But I digress, the morning was so gorgeous, I couldn’t pick just one photo to share. I truly loved all three of these images so much, I had to share them all. Do you have a favorite? . Honestly it looked like to me that the couple who feature in the second and third images were getting engaged the morning we were there and if they were that just makes it a morning filled to overflowing with love. . . . . #discovertheusa #visittheusa #deathvalleynationalpark #mesquiteflatsanddunes #sonyalpha #bealpha #sonya7rii #visitcalifornia #californiawild #sanddunesadventure #sunrisers #sunrisekingdom

Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes, Death Valley