Here’s the thing, guys. You can’t be sad in Italy 🇮🇹 I’ve been pretty open on here how burnt out I’ve been over the past few months. Brimming with anxiety and self-inflicted stress from trying to do it all and be my most successful self led me down a rabbit hole of depression that I’m only beginning to navigate out from. And all the while I had commitments, flights booked, work to do, travel planned. Life must go on. I spent almost two weeks in the Dolomites, the mountains of northern Italy in a small region called the Medio Alto Agordino, where I learned a very key lesson. It’s impossible to stay in a bad mood in Italy or be bummed out, and you can’t help but find joy in the Dolomites ❤️ Especially when you’re surrounded by bubbling, wildly gesticulating locals shoving endless bowls of pasta at you and taking you on beautiful snowy adventures in the mountains! Their love for life and the Medio Alto Agordino is infectious, and day by day they helped my soul feel a little bit lighter (while physically I definitely did not feel lighter 🙈 omg the food) #hostedbynature @dolomites_maadness #poweredbylocals . . . . #maadfor #dolomites #veneto #medioaltoagordino #agordino #italy

Agordino Dolomiti