Oh my friends, if I could bottle a smell then perhaps you wouldn’t ooh and aah over this shot quite so much! 😂 Have you ever smelled a colony of half a million penguins? It’s like a cross between rotten fish (krill), poo and regurgitation to the power of half a million! 🐧🙊 Amazingly, despite the smell, this was one of the most intense afternoons of my life. This is Gourdin Island on the Antarctic Peninsula, home to all three species of brush tail penguin; Gentoo, Chinstrap and Adélie. As the Zodiacs pulled up to the shore and we disembarked I clearly remember my first glimpse at the poo, vomit and fish splattered population. Take a closer look at this shot for orange streaked stains down the penguins fronts. Through all of my experiences with penguins I must say that Adélie’s (pictured) seem to be the messiest “regurgitators” around, other colonies looked nothing like this. 🐟😂 Regular shore landings are one of the many, many reasons to choose a company like Aurora Expeditions when traveling to Antarctica. If there’s more than 100 people on your ship then landings are limited and staggered. 💁🏼‍♀️ @aurora_expeditions #auroraexpeditions . . . . . #antarctica #shipcruise #lemairechannel #🇦🇶 #olympusinspired #antarcticpeninsula #everythingantarctica #natgeoyourshot #🐧#yourshotphotographer #bbctravel #penguin #gentoo