Arghh, I’m loving all the feedback on my Antarctica shots so far! I can’t believe how much interest there is in this incredibly unique destination. Here’s a little more on Aurora Expeditions and the activities we did onboard... Firstly, small group travel is the ONLY way to travel to Antarctica. If you’re with a small group then your expedition team can facilitate lots of excursions and landings. Our ship had a fleet of Zodiacs that we piled into for our adventures. Often we were shuttled to the shore for a landing, but sometimes we simply cruised around in the Zodiacs exploring the landscape from up close and personal. This was one such day, a particularly wild and windy day, at Astrolabe Island. We were enthralled by the chinstrap penguin colonies and nesting cormorants, but the highlight of the cruise was seeing this leopard seal sleeping off a feed on a rocking iceberg. The peaceful shot you see is actually the result of much trial and error to get a good angle of the icy shelf, and a sharp shot due to the seas. I hope it makes you smile. 💙 @aurora_expeditions #auroraexpeditions . . . . . #antarctica #zodiac #zodiaccruise #astrolabeisland #🇦🇶 #olympusinspired #antarcticpeninsula #everythingantarctica #natgeoyourshot #yourshotphotographer #bbctravel #leopardseal #seal