Currently shooting an assignment that I won’t be able to talk about for a while so instead of an Instagram, here’s a latergram from Paris. Because Paris is, in the words of Sabrina, always a good idea. . Shot this looking through a window at le Louvre during one of the many times I’ve visited the museum and practically ran through some of the galleries before they closed to capture that late afternoon light that baths the facade in such a warm glow. I never mind the rushing though. For I’ve taken my time before. I’ll take my time again one day. . A bartender asked me yesterday what my very favorite place I’ve visited is. The most popular question to ask someone who works in travel. And the hardest to answer. I can’t pick just one place. I have to share a list. And France is always on the list for me. It always will be. . What’s a place like that for you? That you’ll always want to go back to... . . . . . #louvremuseum #lelouvre #parisjetaime #parismylove #myparis #parisismyhometown #wellalwayshaveparis #museumarchitecture #🇫🇷paris #paris 🇫🇷❤️

Musée du Louvre