CHOCOLATE CHILL OUT WAFFLES: •1/2 cup @birchbenders banana paleo pancake mix •1/2 cup water •1 T coconut oil •1-2 T @moonjuice cacao powder •1/2 tsp @sunpotion reishi Chocolate sauce: •little bit of coconut oil •melted @lilys_sweets_chocolate Combine together, add to waffle iron that’s hot and oiled. Drizzle waffles with pb, chocolate sauce, frozen raspberries, bee pollen, and hemp seed hearts •••••••••••••• I don’t talk about it often, but my daughter is the reason I’m doing what I’m doing today - pursuing a career in nutrition. As a baby and a toddler she had so many food sensitivities and GI issues that we bounced around from pediatricians to allergists and finally landed at the pediatric gastroenterologist when she was 2 before receiving any answers. It made me want to become a dietitian to help mothers in my same situation navigate a lonely, stressful, and frustrating time. AND it showed me just how much our food can impact our bodies. ••••••••••• A list of things a mile long used to cause so many issues for her. I was reminded of that this morning while we were eating these double chocolate waffles. A few years ago, any amount of chocolate more than a bite for her meant trouble for the rest of the day or even into the next. And I was filled with gratitude that her gut has healed and she can sort of be a normal kid again. ••••••••• It reminded me that life is always changing, and things that feel awful and never ending can end (as someone with personal and familial experiences with autoimmune diseases I know there are exceptions to this). And was a nice little ray of sunshine in my cold snowy 15 degree day 😂 ☀️ Happy Friday!