I invite you to join Lucroit photography camp in the North of Spain, 19-26 May 2019. You will learn from amazing photographers: Simon Roppel Felix Inden Jesús M García Flores Raico Rosenbergg Antonio Prado Néstor Rodan Shadi Nassri Lucas Olmedo (LucrOit) Namor Pastor (1 night for night photography at Lagos de Covadonga) It's ideal workshop to test filters, understand long exposures, play with waveforms and learn tons of techniques from professional photographers. Rugged cliffs, arches, waterfalls, endless beaches, little vilages and amazing food - that's what I experienced during my last summer's visit to Spain. Read the itinerary and join following link in bio. #link_in_bio #workshop #photoworkshop #photographytour #spain #basquecountry

Link In Bio