Lesson: Always have your camera on you. The story behind the photo is pretty simple... It was February on the southeast coast of Iceland & I had returned to try and photograph a wave that had always been lacking swell during my summer trips. Winter seemed like the best option. We parked, hike up over the frozen dunes and made our way toward the beach. The surf was high & the sound of the sea was a continuous roar. We finally got a view of the beach and just at the high tide line two Icelandic horses were making their way in unison toward the surf. I fumbled to grab my small camera out of my jacket and take a photo. They marched toward the water. Stopped and turned around for home. The moment happened so fast.. no time to adjust settings or do “another take” the moment was there and gone. Yelling over the sound of the waves was impossible. I later learned they were the landowner Omar’s horses and I made a big print for his house. This photo has always been a good lesson that when I’m working I never leave without the camera, and more importantly it should be preset & ready to actually take a photo, not tucked away in a backpack in need of a settings adjustment.