Do you ever think back to a year, or two years ago and are totally astonished at how much life changes over such a short amount of time? I’m feeling that now. The first time I came to Dead Horse point I was still healing from a breakup and my solo campervan trip around the American Southwest was such a healing journey for me. All that space, solitude, and incredible beauty reminded me that there are many adventures to be had in life and each step we take brings us to where we will be. We just have to trust in the journey. 2 years later coming back here and seeing it with snow made it come full circle in a way. I love when one chapter closes so that another can open. _______________ Regarding the drone: This is a drone selfie. For most of the year drones are not allowed in Dead Horse State Park, however in the winter months you can obtain a permit to fly. So that’s what we did!

Moab, Utah