I have performed for almost 3 decades now. It’s something I’m deeply proud of. The ability to keep growing and learning. To increase my awareness.. my attributes.. my abilities & letting the wisdom learned from my mistakes shine a light on the steps to accomplishment. I surround myself with amazing people that enhance my life. People that accept me and know I’m flawed like them but have great possibility like them. When you have strong support you can build almost anything on top of it. I don’t fucking care about your past mistakes or what destruction you’ve caused. Maybe that is what allowed you to evolve into something wonderful. I see a person capable of destruction and it tells me they have power and if used to create something they will mostly likely accomplish that as well. With guidance. I needed it early in life and had people show me the ropes. I’m certainly not saying all had people are good people. Not at all. So many sociopaths and selfish fuckers surround all of us daily it’s sometimes impossible to distinguish. You can only allow someone to show you their actions speak louder than their words. New week starting tomorrow. Full tour press is kicking in and I’m everywhere giving everything I’ve got to share. Ready for the Tell It Like It Is Tour! We just released the last couple hundred tix in Boston we were holding so grab those quick! Radio City Music Hall same thing.. more tix released. See you all soon.