Last post for the day~ So, today has been an amazing day hasn't it ? Our boys got to live their dreams and they were truly so so happy. I can't believe we really lived a day today that will go down in history. Wow. Just seeing them so happy at the red carpet, during the show AND on Vlive made my day complete. Even tho I'm going through some shit rn, they're always making me feel so much better. They truly are the cause of my Euphoria. As cliche as that might sound. I love them. And I'm super proud of them. They deserve so much. I'm so happy for them, they're getting the recognition they've earned. We're only going higher from here now. Next year, we'll be accepting a Grammy instead of presenting. They'll win a Grammy and not just go to Grammy. We'll make it happen. This whole year of 2019 (and all the upcoming years) are only for Bangtan. Our whole strength, energy and focus is BTS. We're gonna only spread positive energy because that's exactly what they need from us. At all times. They're ALL baby boys and need as much love and attention and support they can get from us. So let's just do that this year. Ignore the haters and negative comments and focus on BTS. Also let's focus on ourselves too. And love ourselves coz that's what they want for us. Self growth is really important guys. Irdk where I'm going with this I'm really just rambling my thoughts rn... But, whoever reached this point of my long ass caption, I love you. BTS loves you. The whole world loves you ๐Ÿ’œ P.S. Did you enjoy my 103 posts today? KSJSJKSK