Cardi B took home the Grammy for ‘Best Rap Album’ last night for her debut project ‘Invasion Of Privacy’. Cardi has become a great addition to mainstream Hip Hop with a lot of hits and popularity especially with her direct and open personality along with her incredible hustle and back story... and this proved to win over art at this years Grammy’s. Despite being let down hugely by the Grammy’s like when Kendrick’s ‘To Pimp A Butterfly’ lost to Taylor Swift and when GKMC lost to Macklemore yet every year I have this child like naivety because I always think maybe this year they will get it right and choose art over popularity. Then every year the Academy proves how surface level they are and how they pick the safest option, they are not about the culture of Hip Hop and I can only assume they turn their noses up behind closed doors at the likes of Pusha T and Nipsey Hustle due to their upbringing and past street life that encompasses their lyrics. This year it seems like even more of a shame because everyone who was in that category had albums that were the accumulation of all of their past work and the height of their careers, where Cardi is really only getting started yet they all left with empty hands. Don’t get me wrong, I love Cardi and her personality and I enjoyed ‘Invasion Of Privacy’ but ‘The Best Rap Album’ is a lot more than surface level enjoyment. Don’t look to the Grammy’s for justice and validation, as they will never be that, they will continue to disappoint as they don’t truly care about true Hip Hop. Choosing popularity ironically shows how little they know about what the public think.