Still trying to process the magnitude of the flower bloom that @jess.wandering and I walked thru today. I’ll never forget seeing the neon orange hills from miles away on the drive in. We looked at each other and wondered what it was. It seemed like a fiery red alpenglow that we’d only seen in the alpine... but soon realized it was all flowers. A sea of orange rolling hills. . . . For those of you wondering: the orange flower here is the Golden Poppy which is also the official state flower of California. This intense of bloom doesn’t happen very often, only when it rains a lot. If you’re planning on going, know that it’s extremely crowded, and factor in more travel time, cause parking is insane. Please be respectful and don’t trample the flowers that everyone who has traveled lengths to see. Stay on the beaten paths - which these photos were all taken from. ✌️🌼✌️