On this day six years ago I walked into my bosses office l, kicked the filing cabinet over, dramatically threw everything off of his desk before jumping on it, shredding all of my meticulously paperclipped files while hollering “fuck you, corporate America! I quit!” before sashaying out the door in the most epic of resignation exits of all time. Ever. Ok not really, but that’s what happened in my head, ok? In reality it took about three tries for me to summon up the courage to resign, before I ran to the bathroom and cried for about 15 minutes 🤗 6 years ago today I took the massive step of putting my dreams and goals ahead of what everyone was telling me I should be doing. I wanted to travel the world, create beautiful stories and inspire people to get out of their comfort zones. But I was $100K deep in student loan debt and everyone told me I was crazy, blogging wasn’t a possible career. But I stubbornly ignored them all, and looked deep within myself to find the courage to just give it a go, see if I could turn my blog into a job. And guess what? I did. I thank my lucky stars everyday for the freedom I found in following my dreams. All it takes is a leap of faith.