I was so very honored and lucky to get to meet some of this season’s baby kākāpō chicks down in Invercargill. Spoiler alert - they are exceptionally cute, awkward and fluffy. I think my heart exploded getting to meet them, and I’m convinced now more than ever we have to keep working hard to protect them! These little guys are the very future of their species, which are highly endangered and with only around 150 birds left, though now there are a record breaking 74 chicks hatched in New Zealand! Fingers crossed most of them make it, and thank you so much to @kakapo_recovery and @docgovtnz for working tirelessly round the clock to protect and support the kākāpō ✌🏻 if you’re in Invercargill this weekend, you can meet some of the new chicks (if there are tickets left) but if not perhaps consider adopting a kākāpō or making a donation to these foofy characters #birdnerd #kakapo

Invercargill, New Zealand