I am absolutely heartbroken. Just now I can find the strength to say something about it while tears are streaming down my face. I am destroyed by this all situation. I can think about anything but this. I am worried and nervous for all 7 of the boys, especially for Hanbin. It hurts me knowing that he is being treated like shit when he really doesn't deserve it AT ALL. I'm not talking as an iKONIC when I say that he is amazing. I am talking as a person who is stating facts. He worked hard for his dreams, for his group, for his family, for his members. And now everything is falling down just for a mistake? He is FUCKING HUMAN, HE HAS BAD PERIODS TOO. He is human. Idols are human. Being the leader of a group isn't easy. Being the main song writer and the BEST song writer isn't easy. He has always put his whole heart, his whole soul into everything he did. When he sings, when he raps, when he writes lyrics, when he argues with his members, when he choreographes all their dances. He doesn't deserve this shitty treatment. He doesn't deserve this. HE DOESN'T DESERVE THIS. HE IS THE PUREST MAN ALIVE, HE IS AN AMAZING OLDER BROTHER, HE IS THE BEST LEADER. I just wish all my fellow iKONICS and I could be there with him, hugging him and reassuring him that everything will be okay. We will love him and support him no matter what. We are proud of him and the person he is, we are proud of his work. Hanbin I FUCKING LOVE YOU IMMENSELY. I ONLY WISH YOU TO BE OKAY. I ONLY WISH TO SEE YOU SMILE AGAIN. I WISH TO HEAR YOUR LAUGH. I LOVE YOU TO THE MOON AND BACK. PLEASE BE STRONG. IKON AND IKONICS ARE HERE FOR YOU AND YOU ONLY. WE WILL ALL BE YOUR STRENGHT. WE WILL PROTECT YOU, NO MATTER WHAT. YOU ARE AMAZING, ALWAYS. I LOVE YOU. I LOVE YOU IMMENSELY HANBIN. PLEASE, DON'T GIVE UP. @shxxbi131 ❤️ #uniteforikon #uniteforkimhanbin #protectkimhanbin #ikon #kimhanbin