Thursday July 11, life flies by so fast, I need to process! When I’m in the middle of this crazy performance season, I often force myself to sit still with a cup of tea and think about what happened that day, and how I might have handled it better. Today I had a beloved student have a mini meltdown- I gave her hugs and texted her later to check in. I found out a friend has breast cancer and will begin chemo next week- I reached out and offered to drive her son to class with my boy, she was so grateful. But other things weren’t so easy to make right. I’m worried about my concerts, and that doesn’t help make them better. Im worried about making all the ends meet, and that doesn’t bring more abundance to my life. I’m worried about the way there seems to be more hate than love in the world these days, I’m just one small voice, how can I change that? Well, we can do that together- by showing more love, by not being prickly when people rub us the wrong way, by assuming the best in others. Taking time to see the good in the world is a potent reminder of our many blessings! I wish that for you this glorious Thursday, dear dolls- pour that cup, settle in, and be refreshed! . . . #barbie #barbiedoll #barbiemattel #mattel #barbiecollector #barbiedreams #barbiefashionista #barbiehybrid #barbiemadetomove #barbieworld #barbiesofinstagram #barbiephoto #barbiephotography #instabarbie #instadoll #doll #dollstagram #dollstargram #dollcollector #dollsofinstagram #slowdown #dollworld #adultdollcommunity #thursdaythoughts #thursdaymotivation Clothing by @capepincushion

South Duxbury, Massachusetts